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38704 N. Main Street Scio, OR 97374 (Mail PO box 328)

(541) 223-2343

Welcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ Hall

Welcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ Hall

Welcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ HallWelcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ Hall

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Capital Campaign

about the zcbj hall

what we do to raise money

about the zcbj hall


What the ZCBJ Hall is: 

Built by Czechs in 1922 the hall is a treasure to our community and beyond. Dances, weddings, memorials, plays, acoustic music jams, dinners, etc. So many happy and precious encounters take place inside these walls. Local community non-profits hold fundraisers rent free from us. Exercise and dance classes are offered. The Czechs were a large group and very hardworking. The hall was well maintained by the Czech community until 1993 when the few remaining in the area ,became elderly. It is now cared for by a small group of trustees. The hall has been self sustaining all these years . Upgrades are sincerely needed to preserve and maintain this jewel for the next 100 years.

our goals

what we do to raise money

about the zcbj hall


* Raise 150K: ~ includes unforeseen cost

*Rewire: (Imagine being able to run the microwave, coffee pot AND a crock pot at the same time!) The Hall was built in 1922. Scio got power in 1939. Wiring is knob and tube and not safe or adequate.

*Insulate and weatherize: The heat bill can top > 500.00 a month in the winter and when it’s < 28* outside, the hall doesn’t get warmer than 58* inside. It’s so drafty we can’t do an “envelope” test. We can't insulate unless hall is rewired.

*Add unisex Handicap restrooms; preserve the appearance of the hall: We have 2 RR with hall capacity of 299 people; neither are handicap.

*Kitchen Upgrade: If you’ve seen it you understand. This includes cracked floor

*Repair; Reroof; Paint: Leak by false front needs fixed , save $ by renting lift only once

*Fence remaining Creek edge:

*Have money in fund for unexpected repairs

what we do to raise money

what we do to raise money

what we do to raise money


*Bi-annual Revues (plays, music, inter views with Scio’s elders)

*Annual Czech dinner and dance

*Tax relief (achieved 2019) save now we'll save 2000.00 a year

*Seeking Donations :

We have greater than 20,000 in our special account as of January 2020

* Local non-profits donate and do in kind work

Grants we are applying for in 2020

*Linn Co Cultural Coalition LCCC

 LCCC awarded  1000.00 in 2005 for sound system; in 2011 another amount to create the 4th mural in the hall

*Spirit Mountain 


*Oregon Community Trust

*Oregon Energy Trust 25-50% insulation cost quoted at savings of ~.60 f2 

how you can help

donors to hall-we love you!

what we do to raise money



*Matching Grants

*In Kind Service ie repair work, advice, helping at our fundraisers

*Spread the word about our campaign 

*Attend Functions such as Fundraiser dinners & bi-annual Sheepskin Revue, (Lamb & Wool Fair Weekend & 2nd Weekend in December) the money from these go to the special fund

Kindly Mail your donation to:

ZCBJ Hall (ZCBJ Hall on check)

PO 328

Scio, OR 97374

Specific Items we could use:


AV equipment (esp a screen for projector) 

Needed repairs on the Hall:

Restore the old ZCBJ sign

weatherize the front doors

Improve lock on women's RR door

Put facing back where missing in kitchen

Small things you might see that we don't 


donors to hall-we love you!

donors to hall-we love you!

donors to hall-we love you!

Descendants of Fannie Dobrovkosky

Bret and Lori Potts

Ray and Ida Ruby

Pat and Dean Schrunk

Ron Loewen Best Heating

Robert Waterhouse and Linda Zeidrick 

Greg Schnieder and Wendy Greenwald

Jean and Louanne Fugal

Paul and Mitzie Dykast

David Simmons and Ariel

Laura Weber 

Don and Karen Eckhart

Carol (Lebahn) Clark

Christie Farms

SECF Scio Event Center and Fairground

Scio Friends of the Library

Tom Marquette

Joe and Nancy Stoddard

Zdenek and Marie Vymazal

Jim Plummer

Guy Chilton

Ken Cartwright

Pete Ward

Tena Spinola

Scio Jammers

anonymous cash donations 

In Kind

Scio Historical Society

Joe and Nancy Stoddard

Ray Rebmann

Annual income and expense

donors to hall-we love you!

donors to hall-we love you!

Fiscal year 2017-2018 July to June

7593   Rent

420   Classes

58    Jam

4432   Fundraising 

470   Donations

12973   Total Income


1169   Power

1630   Gas

716     Water

1050   Cleaning

 2819  cost of Fundraising 

528     Repairs

1811     Insurance

2206    taxes

11,929 Total Cost


Year January to December 2019

324 In Kind hours general hall management

$1382.00 Supplies

$90.00 Website

652 hours Plays

Total Volunteer hours 976

Value Volunteer hours 24,819.68 FMV 25.43

Thank you volunteers!

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