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Welcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ Hall

Welcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ Hall

Welcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ HallWelcome to Scio Historic ZCBJ Hall

History of this Hall

Czechoslovakian History in SCIO


A Brief History 

 In 1918, Bohemia and Slovakia merged to form the new country of Czechoslovakia in the northwestern corner of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire that had crumbled during World War I. Many of Scio's early settlers were of Czech ancestry and came to the "New World" to escape the repressions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

The brotherhood formed by the Czech settlers was much like the Grange formed by the early English settlers. The brotherhood's name in Czech is: Zapadni Czesko Bratrska Jednota (ZCBJ). 

It was in the Spring of 1920 when the Western Czech Brotherhood Group finally raised enough funds to build a new lodge in Scio, Oregon. Their lodge quickly became the center of social activities in Scio, after its completion in 1922. Polka dances on Saturday nights would draw people from miles around and fill the air in Scio with lively uplifting music. The Czech dumplings and sausage dinners filled many stomachs and warmed many hearts with good companionship. Children in the area attended organized gymnastics in the hall which became magically transformed into a gymnasium.

In 1993, Czechoslovakia divided into two countries: Slovakia and The Czech Republic. That same year, because of dwindling numbers and the increasing age of members, ZCBJ donated their hall to the Linn County Lamb and Wool Fair Association with the requirement that the hall would continue to be used as a community center.

(Louanne Fugal received this history in 1995 from Paul Toews)

Our Historic Czechoslovakian Hall was built in 1922 has been maintained with loving care by members of the Scio community.


Czech Folk Costume. Dress belonged to Pauline Dobrovkosky

Czech Folk Costume. Dress belonged to Pauline Dobrovkosky